Supporting Families With Young Children Through Parental Virtual Learning

In response to the pandemic, our team at Plant the Seed of Learning has changed the method of outreach for this school year to a virtual model. Through the use of technology, we are providing families with the same evidence-based information they would normally receive at an in-person session. Additionally, we are continuing to work as a collective with local school districts and agencies to facilitate resource bag pickups. Families who register at receive an email with a link to view the content at their convenience and families who register in advance are eligible to receive a take-home bag with high quality books and toys related to the content covered in the virtual session. 

At the time of this posting, we are excited to share that the number of families participating in Plant the Seed of Learning this year is up 119% as compared to this same time last year. Our Grow the Seed of Learning session enrollment has grown at an even greater rate at 226%! We are thrilled to find that through this virtual option, more families have access to information and resources that will help them play and learn with their children in preparation for school and life. 

We are very grateful for the support of the United Way of Lancaster County and our school district and organizational partners across the county for their efforts in rolling out this virtual learning model that is impacting even more families. We are especially thankful for the parents and caregivers who are choosing to participate in order to learn more about how to support their children as they learn and grow in early childhood. To learn along with us this year, register HERE. To stay up to date on our organization’s efforts, subscribe to our newsletter HERE and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Thank you for your support!